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'Just Some Dead Birds in a Drawer: Choreographic Audiowalks, Lifeliness, and More-than-Human Relational Movement' - Centre for Sensory Studies, Montreal (Canada)

  • Centre for Sensory Studies, Concordia University (map)

What can a focus on human and more than human movement contribute to understanding multispecies connectivity? Starting with an advertisement for taxidermy birds found in the archives of the Australian Museum, and following the flight ways of Victorian mourning fashion, the talk zooms in on choreography and taxidermy as forms that enable and intervene with movement and kinaesthetic becoming. It does so by unpacking “Send out a pulse!,” an audio walk made for the Australian Museum by “How to not be A Stuffed Animal.” The piece zooms in on questions of extinction, death, lifeliness, stillness and movement, raised by the practice of taxidermy. Following a flightway of birds’ extinction stories, ways to activate response-ability through more-than- human relational movement will be explored.